May 2014


World Intellectual Property Day Celebration

On the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day, three Manipuri Textile Products Shaphee Lanphee, Wangkhei …

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Designs Trends

The top ten designs for the Month of April Consisted Textile Fabric, Bottle etc, and …

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Design protection s

Design Patent Grant Trends

The Indian Patent office granted 534 Design patents in April, 2014. The top three consisted …

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May 2014

Patent Grant Trends

The Indian patent office granted 517 Patents for the month of APril, 2014. The Top …

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National Intellectual Property Award 2014 to Bilcare

Government of India recently awarded Research, The National Intellectual Property 2014. The award is in …

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IP protection

Intellectual Property Rights to get Police Protection

Delhi Police Commissioner B S Bassi speaking to FICCI’s ‘Roundtable on Copyright Enforcement Tool Kit’ …

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Azerbaijan adopts new measures to protect intellectual property rights

Azerbaijan, officially known as the Republic of Azerbaijan is planning to adopt new methods to …

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Adeeb Al Balushi

The Wonder Boy

A nine year old Emirati, Adeeb Al Balushi is honored for his multiple inventions by …

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Virtual Reality Technology – Rifting

On March 25th, Mark Zuckerberg- chief executive of Facebook announced that they have agreed to …

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Design Protection

A Revised Examination Guideline for GUI’s Protection – SIPO

GUI is a Program Interface that takes advantage of the computer\’s graphics capabilities to make …

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