IP Function for SME & Start-up

Our support function for SME & Start-up provides a single point comprehensive solution for all their IP needs.

Know More About IP Function for SME & Start-up

Start-Ups and SMEs are driving engines of any economy. We truly believe in supporting Start-Up and SME clients. Our solution for start-Up and SME clients features a flexible and personal approach towards creating, developing and scaling the IP function.
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Hand Holding for First Filing and Subsequent Filings

All big things start with small and concrete steps. Most technology companies start worrying about IP when they have their first invention at hand, and are about to enter the market. We have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of entrepreneurs through their baby steps in setting up solid IP platform for their technology based venture.

To start with, entrepreneurs need help in understanding the pros and cons of protecting an invention in one jurisdiction vs multiple jurisdictions, the type of application to file, the follow up application strategy, the International application strategy, the costs involved in the entire process, and much more. Our team ensures that clients that are new to the IP process understand the complete process really well so that they are equipped to go through the entire process with confidence.

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Single Point Contact for all IP Needs

Our comprehensive services menu enables us to act as a single point contact for IP needs for our start-up and SME clients. Through the years, we have helped our start-up and SME clients in registering their first IP, creating necessary policy and processes, creating IP awareness among employees and promoting a culture of innovation, providing necessary inputs to develop a robust and valuable IP portfolio, and providing help in licensing and commercialization of technology.

For our start-up and SME clients, especially first time entrepreneurs, we offer strategy consulting sessions on an ongoing basis to ensure that they are well informed to make the right decisions.

Success Stories

We provide IP Strategy consultation and support in protecting initial IP and setting up IP processes to develop IP portfolio for a silicon valley based funded Internet startup in the video space.

IP strategy consultation

We provide worldwide IP strategy and protection support for an award winning product in the education space for people with special needs.

Worldwide IP strategy and protection

We provide worldwide IP support and single point IP protection and management solution for a silicon valley based mobile phone company. Our services include ensuring protection and management of IP portfolio in India and internationally.

Single Point IP protection, management and support