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Start-Ups and SMEs are driving engines of any economy. We truly believe in supporting Start-Up and SME clients. Our solution for start-Up and SME clients features a flexible and personal approach towards creating, developing and scaling the IP function.
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ipMetrixs comprehensive IP protection and management solution offers

ipMetrix's SinglePoint IP solution enables organizations, both big and small, to have a truly global and sophisticated IP support team without worrying about hourly rates of attorneys.

SinglePoint IP solution features:

  • Dedicated IP manager to take care of client needs
  • Efficient and cost-effective delivery team
  • Regular reporting
  • Technology integrated with client processes
  • Access to partners around the globe
  • Near 24x7 availability

Today's globalized businesses need patent protection in all countries of operation. For example, a mobile manufacturer having a US market base, Chinese manufacturing facility and Indian software design center would need IP protection in all of these countries. The legal work requires cross-border collaboration.

ipMetrix's advantages to client are:

  • Protect client interest

    Traditional law firms drive relationships with foreign law firms based on mutual business interest and not client interest. This model is very inefficient and expensive. ipMetrix's global partner network ensures that client interest is safe-guarded.

  • No hourly billing for queries over phone/e-mail

    Traditional law firms charge per hour for conversations and email reviews. This model does not integrate well with internal processes of client organization. ipMetrix does not charge per hour for queries over phone or e-mail.

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Core IP protection & management capabilites

IP audits to assess the IP readiness and IP health of an organization. The actual scope of the audit depends on the needs of the organization. A typical IP audit has two broad components:

  • Process audit
  • Asset audit

Process audit may include:

  • Understanding business goals of the organization
  • Reviewing IP Policy and processes of the organization
  • Setting up IP policy (when required)
  • Suggesting necessary changes to align IP policy and processes towards the business goals of the organization

Asset audit may include:

  • Reviewing existing IP assets and their status
  • Identifying potential assets that could be created with existing knowledge
  • Highlighting existing assets that may not add value to the business
  • Ensuring proper record of assets across the organization

We provide a detailed report that provides a comprehensive overview of the state of IP in the organization. The report includes inputs for implementing measures to align IP processes and assets towards the goals of the organization. We also implement necessary changes within the organization.

For organizations that are only interested in uncovering hidden IP, we offer IP mining services. Our team of experts will set up detailed discussions with key innovation and asset clusters within the organization to identify potential IP that can be protected for business advantage.

We offer due diligence services to support various transactions involving IP. These transactions may include Mergers and Acquisitions, Takeovers, Licensing, Litigation and so on.

We thrive on acting as an extended IP team for our clients. We understand the skills and manpower that our clients need when they are ready to set up their own IP teams. We offer IP training services to provide overview and skill based training at our clients premises.

We are an end-to-end IP services provider. And that is no fashion statement. We want to help our clients generate new ideas. To help our clients create a culture of innovation and generate new ideas, we conduct ideation sessions that involve solving real world technology problems faced by scientists and engineers using proven problem solving methodologies.

Apart from conducting sessions, through our cutting edge research services, we are able to offer continuous inputs on developments in a particular field to scientists and engineers. Our experience has been that scientists and engineers that are empowered with the knowledge of latest happenings in their field are more likely to come up with new ideas that make an impact.

We offer filing and registration services around the globe through our hand-picked partners.

ipMetrix offers world class docketing and portfolio management services through its software platform ipDockr. Our platform enables us to integrate our partners and clients, provide transparency, and create tremendous efficiencies in the delivery process. Due to our technology enabled process, our clients are in complete control of their IP.