IP Research Function for R&D

Our support function complements R&D; departments. We offer cutting edge research services that enable key decisions in and implementation of technology development and commercialization.

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Our solution for R&D; departments features capabilities for handling IP research requirements throughout the lifecycle of technology and product development including conceptualization, research and development, product definition, marketing, manufacturing, launch, mass production, and obsolescence. Through our comprehensive solution for R&D; teams, we ensure that R&D; personnel and business leaders with the best information possible to make key decisions relating to technology development and associated risks.
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Prior art and validity analysis

We offer comprehensive search and analysis to validate an idea or an existing patent application. Our search methodology includes a comprehensive class based search along with robust key string based search to ensure that all relevant and significant results are uncovered.

Prior art search reports typically provide a list of relevant results along with analysis. In the reports, we provide relevant snippets of text and drawings from the closest prior art references, and provide rigorous analysis based on legal principles to determine if the invention at hand is patentable or not. To indicate the chances of success in obtaining patent rights, we provide ipMetrix Score read on a scale of 1-5 to indicate the chance of success if a patent application is filed based on the invention at hand.

Validity analysis is similar to prior art analysis in many respects. However, in the case of validity analysis, the invention is disclosed in an existing patent application. Our reports provide the necessary information on whether a patent application is valid or not ascertained through a rigorous search and analysis process.

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Freedom to Operate Analysis

Freedom to Operate (FTO) analysis is very useful in ensuring that a product is not infringing on a competitor’s patent rights. Our FTO search and analysis service features a thorough search and analysis report that provides a clear guidance on whether a planned product has freedom to operate in the market or not. A product must have freedom to operate in the market without any infringement risks to avoid significant losses for a business. Given the huge risks and potential losses, R&D; teams must ensure that FTO search and analysis is done at the stage of conceptualization to ensure that business risks are mitigated to the maximum level.

In performing FTO search and analysis, we ensure that all active patents are researched and analyzed to check if there is any potential infringement by the planned product on patent rights of a competitor.

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Infringement Analysis

Infringement analysis is done to ascertain whether a process or product infringes upon a patent claim. Our infringement analysis reports include a thorough analysis based on the legal principles of literal infringement and infringement based on doctrine of equivalence.

A product or process may infringe a patent claim under literal infringement or doctrine of equivalence. Under the principle of literal infringement, a claim is infringed if every element of the claim is found in the accused product or process. Under doctrine of equivalence, a claim is infringed if the accused product or process performs substantially the same function in substantially the same way to obtain the same result as that of the patented product or process, even when there is no literal infringement.

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Landscape Analysis

Patent landscape reports, in general, provide an overview of the patent situation for a specific technology in a given country, region or on the global level. However, the scope of a landscape report is determined based on the specific requirements of a client. At the minimum, they provide a state-of-the-art search for the technology of interest in suitable patent databases. The results of the search are analyzed to answer specific questions. Some of the questions that may be answered through the analysis include: What are key patterns of patenting activity? Who are the most active competitors in a given technology domain? Who are the most active players in a given technology domain? What are the emerging sub-fields in a given board technology domain? Are there are any white spaces in the technology landscape? What are the different solutions for a particular problem? and many more.

Our landscape reports contain visualization of the results in order to facilitate understanding of the results, and decision making.

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Competitor Portfolio Analysis

We provide comprehensive competitor portfolio analysis. Competitor portfolio analysis services may be done to identify key patents in competitors portfolios, and/or compare strength of patent portfolios of two companies in a given field.
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Competitor and Technology Monitoring

Our monitoring services enable our clients to be up-to-date with respect to developments in a particular technology or with patent activity of a particular competitor. This service is very useful for clients in the fields where technology shelf life is less and where churn is technology is very high.

Success Stories

We provide research studies to identify key trends in the industry in emerging fields for an R&D; team at a consumer electronics company.

Technology specific research:

We help a R&D; team at a car manufacturer to identify the right combination of technologies for future development.

Landscape study:

We help a R&D; team finalize a shampoo composition that does not infringe on existing compositions

Freedom to operate study: