Intellectual Property Rights to get Police Protection

Delhi Police Commissioner B S Bassi speaking to FICCI’s ‘Roundtable on Copyright Enforcement Tool Kit’ assured that the department shall protect the Intellectual property rights (IPR) of the citizens in case of any violation. He also emphasized that copyrights are extremely important and must be respected and protected as they encourage innovation and creation.

The Roundtable was also accompanied by Anil Rajput, Senior Vice President-Corporate Affairs, ITC, Chair, FICCI CASCADE Committee and Co-chair, FICCI IP Committee. With regard to the IPR protection he stated that the Tool Kit devised by FICCI is a compilation to assist in understanding the concept of counterfeiting and piracy by giving different modes in which it takes place and the threat it could pose on innovation, national security and competition.

In addition, he said that the Kit also gives an outline of the regulatory framework for combating counterfeit and piracy in India and the document will serve as a ready reckoner to the enforcement officials, which contains all the relevant provisions of law, methodologies to detect counterfeit products and a checklist for the police officials while enforcing copyright with relevant statistics and data.

by Akshatha Karthik

Photo By kracktivist