National Intellectual Property Award 2014 to Bilcare

\"Image68\"Government of India recently awarded Research, The National Intellectual Property 2014. The award is in recognizes and rewards the innovators of IP who have contributed to harnessing the country’s intellectual capital and creating an eco-system that boots creativity and innovation.

Dr Praful R Naik, executive director, Bilcare while receiving the award, said “Bilcare continual investment in innovation pathway and R&D has lead to creation of portfolio of novel products, processes and services as well as path breaking technologies, like nonClonableID (nCiD) technology which not only finds its place in product securitization for the global pharmaceuticals but also application in e-governance initiatives in myriad government and non government sectors.\”

Bilcare is a global leader and an innovation-led packaging solutions provider that partners with the pharmaceutical industry to improve patient healthcare outcomes. We endeavor to deliver effective and affordable solutions that enhance the speed and quality of drug discovery and help build and protect brands by ensuring the delivery of genuine medicines to patients. Bilcare PPI offers Innovative Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions comprising of a wide range of specialty Polymer Films and Aluminum Foils mainly used for packaging of solid dosage pharmaceutical products.

Other awards include:
1. European Outsourcing Award
2. Award for Outstanding Innovation
3. Zak Indo- ASIAN Business Initiative Award
4. Bilcare Research CII Award.

by Akshatha Karthik