Patent suit against Biocon- Keeping Galvus in check…

\"8213432552_fd1a8cc461\"The most famous drug for diabetes, Galvus also known as Vildagliptin is under patent litigation. Swiss drug maker Novartis has filed an infringement proceeding against Biocon, the Bangalore-based Company and Asia\’s largest insulin maker on Galvus or Vildagliptin, a DPP4 inhibitor class of drugs used to treat type-2 diabetes.

Novartis filed the case on 27 March 2014, in an attempt to block generic versions of the anti-diabetic drug. Novartis argued that Galvus is a novel molecule and patent protected in India and its basic compound patent expires in 2019. Hence any possible launch by Biocon would infringe on Novartis’ patent. Currently there is no generic competition to Galvus.

In a hearing that took place on March 28, the Delhi court ordered that Biocon cannot manufacture, sell or export vildagliptin until the next court hearing,slated for April 28.

This is the second patent battle Novartis has had over Galvus in India. On March 5 Delhi\’s High Court granted a preliminary injunction against generic drug maker Wockhardt for infringing the basic compound patent on vildagliptin, Novartis said.

By Akshatha Karthik.