Xerox Patents on Sale

Over 230 patents and 546 patent assets of Xerox Corporation Limited are on sale for this September 11th- 16th. ICAP Patent Brokerage has been hired to handle the auction. The estimation value ranges from $1 to $10 million.

Xerox Corporation Ltd was founded in 1906 as The Haloid Photographic Company which originally manufactured photographic paper and equipment. In 1938 Chester Carlson invented a process for printing images using an electrically charged drum and dry powder \”toner.\” With a motto of innovation in my mind, the company got more than 50 thousand patents worldwide; it currently holds more than 12,000 active U.S. patents and they invest $1.4 billion in research and development every year.

The 239 patents list covers categories such as:

1. Web & search,
2. Printers & print systems,
3. Audio communications,
4. Connectivity and others

We look forward and wish both Xerox and ICAP to get the best return on the company’s innovation investments.
Click here for more details on the bidding.

By Akshatha Karthik

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