Turning the Umbrella inside out- Patented

Have you ever imagined folding your Umbrella upward and inside-out! Yes, heard it right!

The KAZbrella is an advancement of the traditional umbrella. In the course of numerous years of exploration and building they have updated the mechanics of the umbrella whilst keeping up the commonplace umbrella look. The KAZbrella is a patented Reverse Collapsing Umbrella.

The KAZBrella (PCT/GB2010/051577) invented by Jenan Kazim, in his patent describes “The present invention provides an umbrella that can be folded dry side out in such a way to provide a substantial non-drip seal without a separate pouch and without the need to handle the wet-side of the fabric. The present invention also incorporates a cover system attached to the handle grip. Uniquely this cover incorporates its lid as part of itself. Advantageously, umbrellas according to the present invention incorporates and inherent venting system as well as having inherent stiffness against being blown inside out in the wind. The specially developed folding process is also better suited for more compact packing of the fabric minimizing its size and weight.”

Designed by Kaz Designs, a family owned business benefiting from Aeronautical Engineer, Jenan Kazim this is simply a intriguing product. As its designers describes, they have essentially redesigned the mechanics of the umbrella to optimize comfort, durability and the chances of staying dry. Jenan has been chipping away at culminating the outline of the KAZbrella, for more than 10 years to guarantee he doesn\’t convey another gimmicky umbrella to the business.

Benefits of The Kazbrella

  • Drip free
  • Open/closes in confined spaces
  • Easy to open and close in a crowd
  • Strong in wind

‘Precise engineering and mathematical equations have been used to ensure the KAZbrella outperforms a conventional umbrella whilst keeping its familiar aesthetics and usability. This has not yet been achieved by any other umbrella designer,’ Jenan says.

KAZbrella is a symbol of inventive thinking. A design unchanged for 3000 years is turned inside out.


Photo Credit: gillcatley/www.flickr.com / CC BY-SA 2.0