Trademark for “NaMo Tea Party”

An application was submitted to IPO (Indian Patent Office) for Trademark Registration for the name NAMO TEA PARTY on 6th February, 2014. The application (2673369) was file by Shailesh Tewari in respect of Goods/Services Personal & Social Services rendered to meet the needs of individuals in class 45.

The “NaMo (Narendra Modi) Tea Party” is a grassroots movement  that calls awareness to any issue which challenges the security, sovereignty, or domestic tranquility of our beloved nation,& to promote patriotism , India First concept , No appeasement but Growth Development for all ,NaMoTeaParty is A movement for good governance : Of the People, By the People, For the People.-

\’NaMo Tea Party\’ movement is a grouping of professionals and was formally started in May 2013. It is estimated to have thousands of volunteers.

Mr Tiwari Convenor of the tea party, told that the move to get trademark is to ensure that the idea is not taken by anyone else. There is no commercial motive behind the application over a phone call with PTI.

By Akshatha Karthik