Row over KSRTC Trademark

The Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) and its Karnataka equivalent are in a trademark row over the mark “KSRTC”, as both are identified with the same acronym.

The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation has requested Kerala to refrain from using the name KSRTC after obtaining a trademark on the name from the Trade Marks Registry. Kerala is not convinced from Karnataka’s claims.

Karnataka’s RTC has a two-headed mythical bird, Gandaberunda generally portrayed in temple motifs as clutching elephants in its talons. Kerala RTC’s logo referred to as ‘Aanavandi’ also has two elephants on its logo. Kerala RTC had started using it much before the neighboring Karnataka but Karnataka had got the name registered with the Trademark Registry in 2012. The Kerala RTC intends to file an objection with the Intellectual Property Appellate Board.