IPO update- New Numbering format for Patent Applications

The Numbering System of patent applications and Request for Examination filed in IPO (Indian Patent Office) has been updated with a view to attain uniformity in accessibility and processing of Patent Applications by all Patent offices in India. The New numbering formal will be implemented w.e.f 1st January 2016.

The new number format will have 12 fixed characters which includes Year of Filing, Jurisdiction, Type of Application and Application Number.

Year of Filing Jurisdiction Type of Application Application Number

* T denotes the following

  1. For ordinary
  2. Ordinary- divisional
  3. Ordinary- Patent of Addition
  4. Convention
  5. Convention- Divisional
  6. Convention- Patent of Addition
  7. PCT NP
  8. PCT NP- Divisional
  9. PCT NP- Patent of Addition

Similarly, the numbering for Request for Examination is RYYYYJNNNNNN & XYYYYJNNNNNN

Where, R & X Denotes RFE u/r 24B (1) (i) and u/r 20 (4) (ii) respectively

Year of Filing Jurisdiction Application Number

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