Indian Company Receives US Patent for Alzheimer Treating Medication

Arjuna Natural Extracts Ltd, an Indian company has been awarded a patent for a composition for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease by the USPTO. The patented turmeric extract formulation BCM-95, includes curcuminoid mixture and added essential oil of turmeric. The patent also covers method of making the composition.

The turmeric extract formulation has already undergone human clinical trials in patients with Alzheimer’s disease at Chinese University of Hong Kong and it has been found to be favorable in preventing further cognitive decline, disintegrating amyloid beta plaques, one of the major causes of development of Alzheimer’s disease. BCM95 is also undergoing two other human clinical trials in patients with Alzheimer’s disease in Australia.

The turmeric extract formulation which is also being studied for various other indications including inflammation, arthritis, diabetes, depression, cancer prevention and treatment has 12 granted and 15 pending patents.