IIT-Bombay applies for 72 patents in 2014-15

The Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT-B) has connected for 72 Patents in 2014-15, which as indicated by authorities is the most noteworthy recorded by any instructive foundation in the nation in this way. The licenses comprise of both modern and residential items. The licenses incorporate aviation stamping, receiving wires estimation, biomedical pressure, ignition motor and contagious biotechnology among others.

While uncovering the quantity of licenses recorded in different fields of examination Prof. Devang Khakkar, chief IIT-B, in his yearly report in the as of late held 53rd conference service had declared that the organization had seen the quantity of licenses consistently expanding in the most recent five years and in the last monetary year it had come to the unsurpassed high of 72. \”The exploration is in accordance with head administrator Narendra Modi\’s call to \”Make in India\” and IIT-B has taken the activity to continue developing. The 72 licenses documented is demonstrative of the same,\” said Prof. Khakkar.

In the previous five years the quantity of licenses enrolled by the foundation have been 58 in 2010-11, 61 in 2011-12, 70 in 2012-13, 61 in 2013-14 and 72 in 2014-15 — which shows that the organization has been having a uniform execution and development in the course of recent years.

The 72 patent applications in the scholarly year 2014-15 incorporate six connected with Patent Cooperation Treaty, eight in the US and two in Canada. Out of the remaining licenses recorded in India, six have gotten endorsement and are accessible for authorizing. The establishment has likewise connected for the trademark for one examination work and another five applications for copyright. Previously, the foundation has petitioned for licenses for a refrigeration-cum-water warming framework, a procedure for treatment of natural strong waste, a programmed windshield wiper framework, a discourse encoding and disentangling framework, and a novel technique for different article following among others.

Prof. Khakkar included that the foundation had gotten upward of Rs 250 crore in 2014-15 from the administration and the business