Disney opens up its IP for Developers.

Walt Disney and the Disney Group of companies earlier had entitled to own the IP rights of all the Disney characters. Individual who wish to use the Disney characters should take care to make legal use of them to avoid infringing Disney’s Intellectual Property rights. Disney protects its Characters with Trademark and Copyright Registrations.

Now, the Disney has teamed up with Creative England to launch a development fund for the games studios and technology start-ups that can come up with a new to inspire families to lead healthy lifestyles.

With this collaboration, a kitty of 95,000 British pounds has been set aside. To win the kitty, developers must pitch in a project based on any Disney’s IP: Mickey Mouse, Pixar, Marvel or Star wars.

Matt Carroll, Disney Interactive Developer said, “We know developers would love to work with those stories, hopefully they can come up with something different.” He also added saying, “We’re interested in seeing how people use technology in different ways, who combine that with those stories [of our IP] to create something really compelling.”

The finished product could be anything from Traditional game or app to wearable technology or augmented reality.  Disney is hoping to have a final product released by February 2016.

Interested developers have until April 20th to submit their ideas here.

Photo Credit: aziem hassan/www.flickr.com / CC BY-SA 2.0