Book on IPR

\"Image68\"K Rosaiah, Governor launched a book on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) by noted IPR expert Swapna Sundar, at an event recently.

The book works on a comprehensive and practical discussion of the role of IP in the techno-commercial space and draws from the rich experience of companies like Hyundai and Google to elucidate strategies that leverage IP towards attainment of business goals and creation of a sustainable competitive advantage.

The Governor stated that the book is released with an intention in Bringing together the requirements of the law and market in a language and format accessible to inventors and scientists, and bridging the Lab to Market gap for scientists and researchers to excel in their core areas are necessary,

“The author not only lucidly illustrates the concepts in Intellectual Property law, but also provides a step-by-step guide as to how an inventor can go about conceiving and implementing his invention so as to maximize its IP and revenue potential,” he added.