\"ShakingPatent Freedom acquired by RPX Corporation 

PatentFreedom, the first provider of data, intelligence, and consulting on non-practicing entities (NPEs) is acquired by RPX Corporation the leading provider of patent risk management.

According to the sources, current subscribers to PatentFreedom will continue to have full access to its database of NPE litigations and profiles.  However, RPX will also integrate PatentFreedom\’s data collection into its proprietary database that cross-references all patent, litigation, and entity information.

The company recently launched RPX Search, the first free search engine to provide public access to all US patents and applications, every patent litigation filed in a US district court since 2000, and all patent owners and parties in litigations.

It has also launched a free web-based Assertion Management tool to consolidate all patent data relevant to demand letters from NPEs.  This new suite of data and tools will facilitate collaboration among companies to share information on patent disputes that can help lower transaction costs.

Dan McCurdy, founder and Chairman of PatentFreedom, will join RPX as Senior Vice President.

John A. Amster, Chief Executive and Co-founder of RPX said, \”Dan has long been a proponent of transparency in the patent market, encouraging companies to share intelligence about NPEs through a trusted clearinghouse in an effort to manage cost and risk,\”

PatentCore acquired by Lexis Nexis.

A LexisNexis company, Reed Technology and Information Services Incacquires PatentCore. The acquisition shall enhance the LexisNexis intellectual property (IP) offerings and give customers access to a broader range of innovative and unique IP services.

Christopher Holt, CEO of PatentCore, joins Reed Tech as Vice President of Patent Analytics. “I’m very excited to be joining LexisNexis and Reed Tech to better serve the needs of the intellectual property market,” said Holt. “Together, we will accelerate the innovations and develop solutions that use predictable statistical insight to reduce blind spots for IP professionals.”

“Our relationship with PatentCore has helped us integrate more dynamic patent analytics capabilities into a strong base of IP products and services available through LexisNexis. PatentAdvisor offers highly valuable analytical and statistical insights on patent prosecution and portfolio management that are unique in the marketplace.” said Samuel Hardman, President of Reed Tech.

The patent acquisition timeline can be highly variable due to a variety of factors that impact the way individual patent applications are treated within the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

  • PatentAdvisor provides a better way ot understand, diagnose and measure the cost of patent prosecution.
  • PatentAdvisor delivers a competitive advantage to the companies who want to practice more precise, effective patent prosecution.
  • By assessing USPTO patent examination patterns, PatentAdvisor also helps law firms practice more precise prosecution to facilitate better client communication, build trust with clients and develop additional business.
  • Built-in measurement tools of PatentAdvisor, helps law firms to have a powerful client development tool that provides objective patent prosecution metrics to IP-driven companies.

PatentAdvisor joins LexisNexis TotalPatent®, LexisNexis PatentOptimizer™, LexisNexis IP DataDirect and IP Services (formerly ReedFax®) as part of a comprehensive and growing portfolio of IP solutions designed to meet the most critical needs of IP professionals.