A New Policy on Registration of Patents- DU

\"Image68\"Delhi University\’s Intellectual Property Rights Cell was established in 2008 with the motto of helping researchers, inventors and creators manage their intellectual property rights through the legal machinery and also to manage its commercial aspects like, Patentability, legal issues involve and IP Valuation.

The new policy on Registration of Patents is expected to deliberate upon ownership patterns of the patents or trademarks, IP rights of students, teachers and visiting professors, copyright policy, licensing policy, patent funds, division of payment structure, IPR issues in digital domain, patentability assessment, invention disclosures and plagiarism, among others.

\”Students and researchers need to know what exactly will be patentable while they are pursuing a research. In the lack of a proper policy, researchers are often unaware of the dos and don\’ts and face difficulty in dealing with legal and commercial issues,\” said Dr Rekha Chaturvedi, MHRD IPR Chair Professor (Technical). \”Since patenting is expensive, efforts would be made to get the patent filed through other funding agencies such as DBT, NRDC and DST (TIFAC),\” she said.

\”So, we decided to formulate a policy which, once in place, will be strictly adhered to while dealing with such aspects. Clarity on the process involved and the rights of the researchers will encourage more students and teachers to take up constructive research and get it patented,\” added Ms Chaturvedi.

\”The cell will also undertake the task of corresponding with the attorney and the inventors on IP matters. The researchers will be able to focus on their respective projects and all the issues pertaining to patenting will be taken care of and the confidentiality of each research will be maintained,\” she added.

\”Currently, we are undertaking two research projects on \’Compulsory licensing\’ and \’Section 3(d) of the Indian Patent Act\’,\” said Ms Chaturvedi.