Infringement Analysis

Infringement is an act of making, using, selling, offering for sale or importing the invention which is called for in the claims of the patent by an unauthorized person. Generally, a claim of the patent is said to have “LITERALLY” infringed if every element of the claim is found in the accused device. Further, if a claim of the patent is NOT literally infringed but the accused device performs substantially the same function in substantially the same way to obtain the same result as that of the patented device, the claim is said to be infringed under DOCTRINE OF EQUIVALENCE.

Infringement analysis is a skill intensive study conducted to determine if a product/process infringes a patent. Infringement analysis helps patent holders determine if a product/process violates their patent rights. On the other hand, infringement analysis helps companies associated with a product/process determine if their product/process violates rights of a patent. Infringement analysis is a vital step in product/process design/redesign.

We understand the criticality of infringement search and analysis for companies, and address the same by adopting a detailed approach in providing infringement opinion. Our approach includes charting claims of a patent and determining scope of claims of patents using proven methodologies. Further, we use various doctrines established by courts to determine scope of claims and provide reliable opinion relating to patent infringement.