Innovation/IP Culture Development

Large organizations today recognize that innovation is critical for long-term success. For instance in the Electronics domain, decades of increasing complexity, compressed product lifecycles and intense competition, have led to innovation on a global scale that today has more potential for sustainable growth and competitive advantage. An effective innovation and IP culture is crucial for systematic identification and development of IP that is vital for success in any business domain.

Our process for innovation and IP culture development helps organizations align their IP strategies by defining their short-term and long-term objectives. Planning is critical to understanding the drivers in any business for establishing IP strategy that supports a culture of innovation. Our team of IP professionals can provide an assessment of your existing processes and infrastructure to help you identify and prioritize the specific goals necessary for your IP program to support your business objectives.

We provide necessary training to in-house staff on innovation frameworks and help them in integrating innovation frameworks into IP work flow to enable targeted IP portfolio development. Further, our assessment would outline various implementation tactics and IP capabilities needed to achieve business goals.