Full Integrated Support for IP Services

We offer support services for all IP related tasks, which include protection, research and commercialization. Typical we work with MNC as a major IP support partner and provide dedicated virtual teams for various processes. Our staff are trained to handle client specific tasks by understanding processes within the MNC. To enable a smooth work flow, we have built our own software tools that are accessible through the cloud. These tools include report generation, docketing and tracking, and work order management with relevant cost details.

We understand the nature of cross-border specific IP practices and have built a network of more than 60 partners including leading attorneys. Our cost-saving model enables our clients to access our partners at significantly lower rates, which enables multiple filings and prosecution support at significantly discounted rates. Moreover, we do not charge any hourly consulting fee for answering queries through email or telephone. Our transparent processes are easy to manage by MNC since there are no hidden costs.