Prior art and validity analysis

We offer comprehensive search and analysis to validate an idea or an existing patent application. Our search methodology includes a comprehensive class based search along with robust key string based search to ensure that all relevant and significant results are uncovered.

Prior art search reports typically provide a list of relevant results along with analysis. In the reports, we provide relevant snippets of text and drawings from the closest prior art references, and provide rigorous analysis based on legal principles to determine if the invention at hand is patentable or not. To indicate the chances of success in obtaining patent rights, we provide ipMetrix Score read on a scale of 1-5 to indicate the chance of success if a patent application is filed based on the invention at hand.

Validity analysis is similar to prior art analysis in many respects. However, in the case of validity analysis, the invention is disclosed in an existing patent application. Our reports provide the necessary information on whether a patent application is valid or not ascertained through a rigorous search and analysis process.