Drafting Support Services

We offer comprehensive specification drafting services to our attorney firm clients. Our specification drafting services include: Complete specification drafting, Specification description, and Illustrations.

Our approach to specification drafting is very comprehensive. We ensure that we understand the novel aspects of an invention through discussions and invention disclosure process before we start the process of drafting. After disclosure process, our draft process starts with identifying the breadth of claims based on number of embodiments that we can identify. Our first draft that is sent for client review includes only the claims, drawings, and background sections. That way we ensure that we capture the essence of the invention in full breadth before going ahead with rest of the specification. A specification draft goes through at least three rounds of internal review before it is finalized.

While we can prepare ready to file specifications, we also provide drafting support services like writing descriptions, and making illustrations.

Because of our International presence, we are able to tackle issues relating to export control regulations. When required, we get the work done out of our International offices rather than exporting technology.